Thursday, August 2, 2012

Battling the Dragon with Athena` Sword

I have been off my Blog for quite sometime. Some of you do not know this, but i suffer from Chronic clinical Depression and anxiety disorder. Although my meds do work wonders, I do have the occasional relapse and nothing in particular sets it off . Last April the Dragon once more came and took me to that dark place.

Its hard to explain to someone what depression entails, most do not understand it and reply with comments out of ignorance. Such as, * What do you have to be depressed about* or * snap out of it, get out of the house* * Its all in your head. ect.. The simple matter of fact in this, is there is NO particular reason that can send me on downward spiral. could be because its raining, could be because the wind blew the wrong way. Its just the way it is. A chemical imbalance that creates this disastrous disease, and it is a disease.

I stayed in that dark place until June when my Doctor upped my meds, and made a few positive chances in my life and am well on my way back. In fact i haven't felt this good in 10 years.!

I moved 5000 miles across country to Victoria B.C with No possessions, i sold all! i brought my dog , my cat, clothing and some cherished books , and my jewelry studio supplies.

I am finding that here on Vancouver island, i am delighted to see the sunlight, mountains and oceans. They have inspired me to create again, and working with my crystals and stones is tremendously healing and soothing.

I re-read books that revisited me to my spirituality and the goddess i love so deeply.

When i came back to creating, and re-opened my Etsy store and website, got a little more involved on my facebook page,and interacted with other strong women who inspire me, i was lifted back into the light.

My loyal customers to my surprise, where waiting for my return and welcomed me and my new designs with delight and encourement. I can see i am blessed !

I decided to borrow and channel the strength of The great warrior Athena and her sword, and battle this dragon, and become a dragon slayer.

I have adjusted my blog, added some new features, and will now blog faithfully as a way to heal and channel the positive energy from my fellow sisters in Goddess.

I have added a few new sections and updates. 
Once i am so excited in, is the Women who inspire me. In this section, I will choose a women who has inspired me, and are the movers and shakers , visionary s and trail blazers of today's feminist movements. I will be conducting interviews, and discussing thier achievements and tips to better your womanhood and reclaim your divine feminine. I am very excited about this project. !

Another sections is * Book Reviews * I am an avid, insanely addicted reader, and will share reviews of books i  enjoyed to enhance today's woman and the goddess movement.

And last but least,Product Reviews I will be working with and seeking Pagan and wiccan and goddess movement artists and reviewing their products and working with them on give aways !

So , follow this blog, its going to be a fun ride !

Blessed be )0(
In her service


  1. Both my daughter and I know about depression ... and yes, there are those who have no idea. We both also suffer from auto immune disease and my daughter much more so. Even family members only do lip service to her suffering. I don't know why folks can be like this and others are so in tune to others sufferings. It's so great that you are in remission now and I pray to our Holy Mother Goddess that it stays that way. For me the image of the Maiden aspect of the Goddess gives me courage and strength to get through the days. I am looking forward to reading your blog.

    Happiness Always

  2. oh Daughter of my body and heart. I LOVE YOU DEARLY. We have been blessed in so many ways. It is only after the pain and turmoil -- that we can see this. I admire your strength and tenacity.As we live together--- share our lives thoughts and ups and downs,we have created a bond that is unbreakable. In short---we get each other. Share the brain---- so to speak --oh dang now thats scary sometimes lol I believe this is a rare thing that we have and are truley blessed by the goddess we love and revere. I am honered to walk this path with you, and give you hugs everyday. Its such a pleasure to hear you laugh and connect with life again. I am here for you, i got your back----the good bad and ugly. Oh by the way----whos making supper tonight?

  3. LOL. you silly !! *sighs** Ill make it,

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