Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wonder Woman is Rescued By The Goddess.

For some reason this full moon seems different, more powerful,she seems to be asking me to look deeper with in, deep in that place in our soul where we see and find out things about ourselves that we do not like or that need correcting , to live a life her her brilliant radiant light and feel good with in our souls.

The hustle and bustle of lifes everyday mundane tasks reak havok on ones spirit. Especially women, as spiritual beings we usually start our day thinking off and taking care of someone else, and end our day ,with head on the pillow, thinking the same.

From getting the children in order, bathed, fed, laundry, clean the house yet again, drive every one everywhere,groceries, cooking, and OMG the list never ever ends!. Then if you are married or have a partner, then comes the tending to them and by the time you get to bed, He wants sex, HUH, are you kidding me?. Like you have energy for that!.End of day we are physically,mentally,and spiritually burnt. Out Of Order !
 For those that are older, we then tend to our parents, lend ears to our friends troubles. As they say a woman's work is never done.
Perhaps, we as woman are putting to much work on our plates ?

I can only speak for myself,after a 10 year battle with the dragon ( Depression).I see in retrospect what triggered the downward spiral or as i like to refer to it as, put my spirit in bancrupcy.

At 29 i married a man with 3 children,they where quite young, 8,10,13, years of age, although at the time of my marriage 1 was with with his mother and the other 2 with their mother ,that peace and the honeymoon didn't last long.Although the son living with his grandmother was in a good home the other 2 where in a questionable environment. 
Then came Wonder Woman, Tada !! (Me)
So like a women's natural instinct is,we hauled the x-wife to court and won custody of the children.I quit my job or rather gave up my independence ,I had been working since the age of 14!We packed up the truck and moved 2 hours away from the city to the country, away from my friends, family,and all i knew and loved,closer to his family and i became insta Mom.

My husband was a chef and worked ridicuous hours from 6 am, to 11 pm, so i was Mom, PoP, taxi driver, and warden,cleaning lady and OH heck ! a whole lot of things.
2 of the children where very well behaved, well as well behaved as children can get anyway, one however was a severe trouble maker and i was forever at the school, police stations and apologizing to neibors for their missing items found in our yard, yikes *!
He is 26 now and actually has only spent a year in society, his home is unfortuantly Jail. In and Out. Thats a whole other article, lol.

My point here is that I, as majority of women do, gave up myself,my life,and my spirit for the sake of taking care of others.I did this until my marriage ended ,for 14 years.I now see in retrospect,my marriage ended because of depression.My husband wasn`t a very empathetic man,i got sick had 2 surgerys,battled depression,anxiety,and he would say *get over it* 

So while i was being a domestic goddess, my inner goddess was slowly dyeing. I had lost touch with my light, my spirit,my being.I *Dee* no longer existed.

Then came the sweet sounds of Mother Goddess.Her voice and energy whispering my name, telling me she is coming to reclaim her daughter.That this can no longer go on.!
I found refuge in her loving arms,spent evening moon gazing,listening to her speak to my soul.Started taking long hot soaks in the tub, meditating,spell working,reading.interacting with other women who inspired me and meeting women on social networks.
So with Goddess on my side and some handy bottles of medication,i  got my Amazon war gear on and engaged in my life.
 I took the drivers seat, which resulted in divorce, LOL.However it did result in a happier me and my spirit was coming out of bancrupcy.

My mother would play around with beads and make little odds n ends, so one day i sat with her and tryed to make a necklace.
To my surprise and delight Goddess had gifted me !!
I can remember when i first started to craft jewelry, the sleepless nights i spent excited,and swirling with ideas. Memorized by the colours and vibrations of gemstones and crystals.
My relationship with the Goddess was growing, i began to see her beauty in all that surrounded me,and took delight in the simplest of things, she was healing me !!

I began creating jewelry in her honour,and to my surprise,women where loving my designs and devotions to the goddess.
It is now my living and source of income.!
However i am still so very very humbled when some remarks on my pieces that they love them. I am so touched !
For me, as any artist i imagine, My art is a form of devotion, dedication and meditation to the mother goddess.They are very personal to me, each piece tells a story of her beauty and how she saved me.

I see women around me,heading in the same direction i was.
Not stopping to honour themselves, honour the goddess, and honor their inner goddess`s.
That old saying applies.

* If Mama ain`t happy, ain`t No one happy!*

Now that`s a true statement if I ever heard one.!

Sweet Moon sisters, we must make time for ourselves! Time to commune with the mother, to honour her mysteries, for she is the foundation in which you are built.
Make altars and shrines to her, for every time you walk by it, you c`ant help but think of her.
bath regularly in salt, as women we are major empathetics and will attract all energy from all around us like a magnet.
Take care of your spirits for they are your essence !
May Goddess keep you in her arms and safe and have a Blessed Full Moon!
Love and in her service.

One of my favorite things to do to connect with the great mother is 
*The self Blessings Ritual *

Self-Blessing Ritual

Written by Zsuzanna E. Budapest (I have shortened it a bit)
Founder of The Goddess Movement and Dianic Tradition

In this private ritual the woman is honoring her own divinity, the Goddess within herself. I will hopefully describe this powerful ritual, in a succinct fashion, that Budapest has clearly described in her essay.
 First, take a shower or bath to cleanse yourself. Create an altar to place on the floor with some salt in a container, a chalice containing half water and half wine, two candles on each side of the altar, and a flower in the middle. 
The flower in the middle represents your own Goddess spirit in a symbolic form because all that is from the Earth represents the Goddess. Now, take the salt from the altar and place some of it on the floor in front of your altar and stamp on it.
 Here the salt represents the wisdom (which now you should be standing on), the water represents the life force, and the wine is the sacred delight of the Goddess.
 Next, light the two candles and say, "Blessed be, thou creature of fire" . Then light your incense

Now you will begin to touch certain parts of your body with the mix of water and wine from your chalice and recite the affirmations that Budapest has given in her essay. First, dip your fingers and touching your forehead, say,
 "Bless me, Mother, for I am your child" . 
This is an acknowledgement of the birth of your life-force. Dip your fingers again and touch your nose saying, "Bless my nose to smell your essence" (. This symbolizes that the Goddess dwells in nature, she is nature, and we must remember to smell her through nature (such as the flower before you).
 Dip your fingers again and touch your lips citing, "Bless my lips to speak of you" Touching your lips is a reminder which respects the powerfulness of speech that the Goddess has given you. Through words we are able to heal others, confess our deepest thoughts, and influence others perhaps inducing change. Again, dip your fingers, touch your breasts, and say, "Bless my breasts, formed in strength and beauty" .
 Now, in acknowledging your connection with all that is female, dip your fingers and touch your genitals exclaiming, "Bless my genitals that bring forth life as you have brought forth the universe" . Lastly, dip your fingers and touch your feet saying, "Bless my feet, to walk in your paths" . Here you are affirming your power and the divine within you. After finishing this spell, stay on the salt for a few minutes and witness the energy flowing within your body. Extinguish your candles and repeat, 
"Thank you spirits, for being with me" 

Her wonderful loving voice can be heard singing the Self Blessings song Here:

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