Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Goddess Diana and Reclaiming Your Inner Goddess

The last few nights and naps i have had dreams of the goddess Diana. I saw moon crescents, silver and felt a wonderful energy, i have also felt the need to create this week using her as my inspiration and Muse.
After a few dreams, that i c'ant make to much sense of, because they are just bits and pieces and symbols, i started to wonder what Mother God is trying to tell me, and what i may have in common with the Diana aspect of the goddess.
Then it hit me like a Mac truck in the face, lol, sometimes we just do not see what is right in front of us.I have no children, was the first thing that popped in my head, now unlike Diana i am not a virgin at 42,lol but, i was never blessed with children of my own, and i am definitely not going to start now,once i saw one attribute of the goddess in me, the others followed and flowed freely.Diana was considered to be a Moon Goddess, I am a total Moonchild, born a cancer, with the moon in cancer, i am so effected by the moon its crazy.Like Diana, i have had no children and at my age i am starting the * change * of a womens  life from mother to crone, my cycles are totally out of wack and come and go as they please, oh  how fun,lol

I see Diana as a strong aspect of th goddess, she is a warrior, a huntress, protector of women, children, animals and the underdog.I am the  same in many ways, I am a warrior in the sense that i battle lifes issues head on and i will  *always find a way to get there from here *,I am fiercely protective of those i love, and especially women,some would call me a feminist, i wouldn't agree with that,i just think that women have been suppressed way to long and we must rise up to raise the goddess energy up .I am also an avid animal lover,picking up every darn stray around, i have 4 cats and 4 dogs, and enjoy every one of them.

Another aspect of  Diana i have in common with her is, i do not need a man in my life. Don't get me wrong here, they are great,  but i am not lonely for one, i do not need one,and my life will not be of a lessor quality if i do not have one at my side.I am quite an independent person, being that i enjoy my time alone, to read, make crafts and jewelry, meditate and chant, and  do magic and meet and support women and witches from all over.

So as you can see, what started out as not understand or * assuming* that I and Diana had nothing in common,turned out to be quite a bit.So after reflection on this i believe my dreams of Diana where trying to tell me to:

 * Recognize my inner Goddess.*

With that being said.:

Diana is a fitting goddess for the modern women Diana was protective and supportive of women. She abhorred the patriarchy as much as the patriarchy despised and felt threatened by her. Diana was always rooting for and aiding the underdog. One can see the Diana archetype breathing through every woman who knows her own power but does not wield it in a power-hungry way, who needs to do things her own way, not because the status quo deems it so, and who has empathy, compassion, and a tenacious protectiveness towards those who are vulnerable - be it pregnant women, children, animals or nature. Diana inspires us to be independent, strong, to trust our instincts & intuitions, and to love and understand the wild and vulnerable around us and inside us.

I challenge you all today to find an attribute you have in common with the goddess and honor her IN you, in some small way, some ideas may be:
Wear a Moon Crescent crown
Light a silver or white candle,with some incense.
Take a bath with some sale and oils by candle light only and bless yourself.
Place some small object on your altar that honor her and you.
Wear a Moon Necklace
Encourage a female friend.
Adopt a pet.

Here is my tribute to Diana today. Diana's Moon Necklace.
Blessed be !


  1. beautiful necklace!!
    my dreams have been of going to a wedding and I am standing up with the bride. first I have had 2 that ended and I do not even attend weddings as I do not believe in signing myself over or witness the signing over of a woman to a man I don't get it lol I mean don't get me wrong I love men and would get married again if there was a thing about there being 2 residences for the much needed my space and his space lol omg why am I telling you all this.
    I will look for my inner Dianna or Goddess whoever she maybe today.

  2. omg, i am so the same, need my space, i love the peace and tranquility, i dunna just seems the male energy disrupts this serenity.I wont marry again, i d'ont think.It requires to much effort to make it work and keep them happy and i just do not have that to give, right now anyway, call me selfish,lol but at least i am real :)
    Blessed be !

  3. Love your work, just started following you today. Looking forward to more. And your jewelry is lovely.

    Blessed Be!

  4. Glad your following :)
    welcome and Blessed be !

  5. Hi Dee
    I have just found your site via widget box
    it is the best i wish mine was half as
    good but still learning so pleased
    Ifound it.

  6. so pleased to find you! love your jewelry :)

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