About Me

Hi ! I' Dee, short for Denise.
I was born in  July of 1968,making me a Moon Child,which i am indeed a daughter of Mother Moon.I live  in Victoria B.C. Canada.
Recently divorced after a 14 year marriage , I am enjoying my new life and the abundance Goddess is sending my way.

I have been a practicing witch for a number of years, my path is quit eclectic, i see so much divinity in all.i do not want to narrow myself nor my spirit with any set tradition.Although i am quit drawn to Dianic and definitely feel i am a daughter of Aradia.I am very inspired by Founder and activist Z Budapest and am a member of the Susan B Anthony Coven #1. A feminist oriented group.
But all in all for names sake, i will label myself, ' Daughter of the Goddess' Follower of the goddess craft of the wise and a proud Witch.I am lucky enough to live with my mother and soul sister and we share in our path and beliefs. She is my rock, my soft spot, my pain in my side and constant companion,with out her i would not be the women i am today, she inspires me in so many ways.

One of my greatest passions  in life if creating jewelry, i love to work with crystals, stones, and symbols that are both sacred and ,and magical.The goddess is always giving me ideas and creative thought , I am truly blessed to be able to create and to offer my creations ,and make my living from it.

I wasn't always a jewelry maker, it started when i was diagnosed with depression and anxiety syndrome, i found comfort and solace in crystals, which led me to spirit, healing, wicca, and finally jewelry making. Now that is a divine plan if i ever saw one, LOL.Because i had no patience to fiddle with little rings and beads, i used to watch my mom do it and wonder how the heck she has patience for that.Now she asks me, How in th heck i did that, lol

When i create , i am transported to a place that only exists in th realms of divinity and the folds of the Goddess's arms. Its a total meditative state for me and her love and energy flows through me,resulting in my creations that honor her and her children.

It makes me so happy to know my creations find owners who cherish them and i have met some amazing and inspiring women on my journey. They keep me on my toes and challenge me to be a better me.