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New Moon - No Moon

Paying attention to the cycles of the Moon is an insightful way of tapping into additional tools with which we can facilitate lives that thrive.

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According to the 2012 We'Moon Calendar book ( and  ), every moon represents a certain corresponding energy and this one is not exception. The New Moon is in Virgo this month... This is the artistry / alchemy moon, with this newly released creative energy staying with us until the middle of October. The next two weeks are a time of concept and courage, waking up with the inspiration and bravado to put our energies behind the things we would like to bring to the light.

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With the Autumn Equinox around the corner on September 22, this is a preparatory time when we gather our supplies, our components, our ideas, ready to spend the 6 weeks between the Fall Equinox and the Witch's New Year on October 31 in full production...


The underworld beckons as the days grow shorter, take advantage of the final harvests of the season on many levels, live in gratitude, and let your inner critic take a break as you plan the rest of the year.

Tonight is the time when Luna hides on us. She is resting and said to be celebrating her moon time... gathering her energies, in preparation for the challenges between now and the next time she can withdraw...

We would be wise to follow suit.

                Blessed New Moon

The new moon is the birthing cycle of the moon's various phases. The new moon phase is an optimal time for planning and seeding your intentions. Seedlings need a period of gestation before they break through the soil and reach for the sunlight. This is also true for our ideas and our desires. The dark side of the moon, with its mysterious unseen forces, offers a nurturing environment where our intentions can establish roots before their miraculous manifestations begin to sprout and reach out to the stars. Ceremony for Birthing Your Wishes and DesiresSetting aside a few minutes each month during the new moon phase to focus on yours wishes and desires will help give you clarity of mind and fill your heart with promise. When it comes to setting goals or planning ahead for your future there is no better time to get started than during the new moon. Any intentions stated or written down carries power, so please take care in considering the things that you really want. The saying "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it." is fair warning whenever setting your new moon intentions into motion. But, no worries. The moon has its phases and so do our individual wants and needs. This is why it is a good practice to rededicate your list of intentions each month when another new moon visits.
Prep for Upcoming New Moon Manifestation Check a moon phase calendar for the next upcoming new moon. Set aside 20-30 minutes to do the ritual itself. Supply suggestions: notebooks pen and colored markers scissors scotch tape candle matches incense smudge sticks meditation CDs Prepare yourself a sacred space where to perform the ceremony when the new moon arrives Setting your New Moon Intentions in Motion
Cleanse your sacred area with an opening prayer, a sage smudging, and/or by burning some incense. Light one or more candles. Center your being and calm yourself in whatever way is appropriate for you. Take some deep cleansing breaths, slip in a meditation CD to listen to, and/or leisurely sip on a cup of relaxing herbal tea. Open your notebook, and date the first page. Write down these words "I accept these things into my life now or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned." or something similar. Below your affirmation statement, begin writing down your desires. Your list may consist of only one item or you may have several pages written down. Try not to limit yourself. If having many things in your life helps to fulfill you then don't deny yourself wanting these things. During the month when an item on your new moon list comes to you, don't merely cross it off of your list, take the time to rewrite the list in its entirety eliminating the manifested item from the listing. This is highly recommended. At the same time you may add whatever else that you have decided you would like. Feel free to reword any of the original phrases if they better fit your life now. It is natural that your desires will change as time advances. A second notebook will be used as a manifestation scrapbook where you paste in pictures or catalog clippings of items that you want to manifest. This is a fun project so enjoy yourself. You will soon be amazed how these things begin to find their way into your life once you start this process. Rededicating your New Moon Intentions
Each month at the new moon rededicate your intentions by renewing your list at a repeated ritual. This is accomplished by rewriting your list out using a fresh sheet of paper. Don't get in the habit of simply scratching out the items you no longer desire and adding the new stuff to the bottom of your old list. You don't want clutter and sloppiness energies messing up your new stuff do you? Disregard any items that no longer feed your soul and add new things that do. It is helpful to salt and pepper your manifest list with smaller items that will manifest quickly, such as tickets to the ballet, lunch with a friend, or a day at the spa. You may think that smaller things are too trivial to put on your intention list... Wrong! Things that tend to manifest with little effort still deserve to be written down. Write down everything that you desire, no matter how little or simple. If it is something that makes you happy, write it down. Manifesting smaller items on our lists actually creates a steady flow of energy to the list. These smaller manifestations create movement, allowing an ebb and flow of the tides. We are dealing here with the moon cycles after all. Besides, sometimes we forget to appreciate the smaller pleasures in our lives while we are waiting for the BIG stuff to come in. If you only write statements like, "I want to win the lottery" in your notebook then you are limiting yourself by not allowing abundance to flow to you from other avenues.

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The Red Paper Manifestation Ritual ~ 'Sourceress Speaks...

A humble little ritual
“What You Want Ain’t Going To Manifest Itself!”

Manifestation, when it comes to all things witchy, would be so much better if we were all like Samantha in Bewitched, and we could wiggle our noses to make things happen. If we were half as able to be magical on demand, we would be able to rid our uteruses of pesky Republicans, but alas, bringing things to be isn’t as easy as all that. 

So what’s the magic trick to attracting that which you want to yourself, where and when you want it?

Giving your dreams flight...
First of all… There is a bit of criteria around the whole ‘make it so’ aspect of witchcraft. ‘Do what thou wilt but harm none’ is one part of it… we can’t just impose our agenda on the rest of our world without thought to who will be affected and how much. So… one needs to consider their motivation as to the expectations that we impose on these manifestion steps.

To begin with, your integrity needs to be without question. Manifesting for the wrong reasons is a quick and surefire means of entering a very steep learning curve where the only thing you are going to bring upon yourself is a dicey situation and the consequences of summoning it. 

The purest of intentions...

The initial important things are out of the way now, and you have clearly convinced yourself that your intentions are pure and good, and that you deserve it. What now?

Now is when you day dream. Barn storm all the aspects of what you want. Make a collage, draw pictures, write long detailed notes about it or poetry or repeat it in a mantra for a meditation, however you feel comfortable giving your visualization life.

So, given that you are pure of heart in your wishes of attainment, the next thing for consideration is critical to the process. Do you believe you deserve this? When you ask yourself if you are sure, listen for those niggling doubts of insecurity or fear of scarcity, as those will be surefire negative elements that will work against your acquiring your intended goal. Keep revisiting how you are thinking about what you are wanting until you feel sure you are truly deservant.

Steadfast in knowing I deserve this...

When you are satisfied with your visionary stage, and you are sure you have overridden any second guessing from those pesky internal critics, it is time to now summon the ingredients of the ritual. 

(A little reminder: If your inner critic is loving and caring, then they are looking out for your best interests as any caring friend would, however, if that voice is not complimentary to your process, then it is motivated by core beliefs instituted by questionable authority figures from early in your life and are NOT to be heeded. Sally Kempton's famous quote comes to mind: 'It's hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.' Only listen to the input from within if it's positive or affirming.)

You will need:

~ A sheet of red paper
~A pen
~An ashtray or cauldron that can withstand a little fire
~ A fire source (the sacred Bic comes to mind, matches will do)

Multiple manifestations make for a wider signal to the 'source...

When the moon is new, that is when she is in hiding, that is when you do the dreaming of what you want to bring into your life. If you have a moon calendar and can tell when the moon goes Void of Course is the optimal time, but in a pinch, whenever will do. 

Next, write out your list of ‘demands’ on the red paper and don't forget to look at your calendar. What is the time frame for bringing your wish to fruition? Add this to the list. 

Be clear, be as detailed as you can think of, and finally, write these most important words after your wish.

The equivalent or better.’

You are almost done. Just a few more moments and your desires will be winging their way along the multiverses, beelining it to the 'dreams department' of the fae. This is when we take it to the next level by lifting your words off the paper and giving them voice. Take a moment to tell the universe what it is you are desiring by reading out what you have written out loud. A witness or two doesn’t hurt, nor does tandem ritualing to bring several things at once with others. Think of it as creating a vortex of abundance. 

The equivalent or better...

Do NOT forget to say ‘the equivalent or better’ at the end.

Set fire to your paper  immediately and as the paper disintegrates to ashes, let it go, let it Goddess…

Finally, consult your calendar and set your sights on a date that is past the estimated time of your manifestation… the very instant that your focus shifts, the wheels of universal energy will begin grinding joyously, to bring you closer to your goal. 

Lastly, surrender your expectations and be secure that whatever it is you are drawing to you is already yours, and you are simply awaiting for the time/space continuum to connect you on the physical plane. 

Now all that’s left is to get on with the business of thriving in your life and pay attention to synchronicity and coincidences relating to your manifesting as these are signs that your desired wish is on its way…

Bring it on!

Merry Magicking!

Remember: Power-with is supported by the universe, Power-over is not and guarantees a crash course in consequences. 

Now go with the flow!

Bright blessings… from the ~’Sourceress Christina – your Crones Magical Crafts wicked witch o the wet west… with her intermittent 'Bits o' Wisdom'

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Help and opinions please

i was thinking last night, for those that d`ont know mw intimatly, LOL thats dangerous, hahhaha, BUT, i have a buisness mind, never stops. sooo, i was loving this tophatter fast pace auction site and i love etsy. however seems these days, sites like ebay, and others are starting to push us pagan aside, sucks i know, but its a reality. I had a ling chat with my webmaster last night, and we are going to start working together to create a site, Uniquly for pagan wiccans and metaphysical items, along the lines of esty and top hatter combine, wouldnt that be cool.!! you call all open stores on this site and run auction
Help me come up with some names.
witch market
The pagan marketplace

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My New Video for this years starting collections. Enjoy !