Saturday, March 12, 2011

Honoring the Goddess Gaea

The devastating disasters of yesterdays events in Japan,have reaffirmed that Gaea must be remembered and honored more often. The day prior to these events ,i had been feeling the mothers energy's and crafted some pendant sculptures from clay to start on creating a Gaea Jewelry Line.

When i awoke to hear the news of the events that rocked Japan, i instinctively knew why i was feeling her, and why we as witches and spiritual beings must listen to out intuition and pay attention to signs the mother is sending.

Gaea is ill, she needs us to restore harmony and balance.
How can we do this ?,you are probably wondering.
Magic of course,:) We are witches and do practice magic for a reason.
There are many ways to raise Gaea's energy, a few easy and simple ones may be.
Lighting Green candles in her honor.
Putting fresh Greenery or flowers on your altar or sacred space in her honor.
Use crystals for the healing vibrations of the mother earth.
Try your hand a little crafting, clay is a great item to honor her with, sculpt something in her honor, it doesn't have to be grander or perfect, remember magic is in intention.
Wear colors and gems to honor her.
Read a poem, chant a chant or sing a song.
Take a walk and touch her tree.s and plants, and feel her heart beating in the earth beneath your feet.
For city witches, you can make a potted plant ensemble,with various plants,and fun dangling things, in a Terracotta  holder, you can even paint her colors on the pot.
What ever your way to honor her may be, there isn't a right or wrong way.
Your thought forms alone with raise her energy.

My honor to Gaea Today is a set of 3 pieces of jewelry i crafted.
I made them of clay, with colors, texture and form resembling the earth.
They can be found in my Etsy shop for sale
Blessed Be )0(

For She is the beauty of The Green Earth.

Gaia s Green Earth Necklace


  1. Perfectly said.
    Blessed Be )O(

  2. Thank you!! Blessed be to you, and thanks for commenting and following.