Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Moon - No Moon

Paying attention to the cycles of the Moon is an insightful way of tapping into additional tools with which we can facilitate lives that thrive.

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According to the 2012 We'Moon Calendar book ( and  ), every moon represents a certain corresponding energy and this one is not exception. The New Moon is in Virgo this month... This is the artistry / alchemy moon, with this newly released creative energy staying with us until the middle of October. The next two weeks are a time of concept and courage, waking up with the inspiration and bravado to put our energies behind the things we would like to bring to the light.

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With the Autumn Equinox around the corner on September 22, this is a preparatory time when we gather our supplies, our components, our ideas, ready to spend the 6 weeks between the Fall Equinox and the Witch's New Year on October 31 in full production...


The underworld beckons as the days grow shorter, take advantage of the final harvests of the season on many levels, live in gratitude, and let your inner critic take a break as you plan the rest of the year.

Tonight is the time when Luna hides on us. She is resting and said to be celebrating her moon time... gathering her energies, in preparation for the challenges between now and the next time she can withdraw...

We would be wise to follow suit.

                Blessed New Moon

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