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The Red Paper Manifestation Ritual ~ 'Sourceress Speaks...

A humble little ritual
“What You Want Ain’t Going To Manifest Itself!”

Manifestation, when it comes to all things witchy, would be so much better if we were all like Samantha in Bewitched, and we could wiggle our noses to make things happen. If we were half as able to be magical on demand, we would be able to rid our uteruses of pesky Republicans, but alas, bringing things to be isn’t as easy as all that. 

So what’s the magic trick to attracting that which you want to yourself, where and when you want it?

Giving your dreams flight...
First of all… There is a bit of criteria around the whole ‘make it so’ aspect of witchcraft. ‘Do what thou wilt but harm none’ is one part of it… we can’t just impose our agenda on the rest of our world without thought to who will be affected and how much. So… one needs to consider their motivation as to the expectations that we impose on these manifestion steps.

To begin with, your integrity needs to be without question. Manifesting for the wrong reasons is a quick and surefire means of entering a very steep learning curve where the only thing you are going to bring upon yourself is a dicey situation and the consequences of summoning it. 

The purest of intentions...

The initial important things are out of the way now, and you have clearly convinced yourself that your intentions are pure and good, and that you deserve it. What now?

Now is when you day dream. Barn storm all the aspects of what you want. Make a collage, draw pictures, write long detailed notes about it or poetry or repeat it in a mantra for a meditation, however you feel comfortable giving your visualization life.

So, given that you are pure of heart in your wishes of attainment, the next thing for consideration is critical to the process. Do you believe you deserve this? When you ask yourself if you are sure, listen for those niggling doubts of insecurity or fear of scarcity, as those will be surefire negative elements that will work against your acquiring your intended goal. Keep revisiting how you are thinking about what you are wanting until you feel sure you are truly deservant.

Steadfast in knowing I deserve this...

When you are satisfied with your visionary stage, and you are sure you have overridden any second guessing from those pesky internal critics, it is time to now summon the ingredients of the ritual. 

(A little reminder: If your inner critic is loving and caring, then they are looking out for your best interests as any caring friend would, however, if that voice is not complimentary to your process, then it is motivated by core beliefs instituted by questionable authority figures from early in your life and are NOT to be heeded. Sally Kempton's famous quote comes to mind: 'It's hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.' Only listen to the input from within if it's positive or affirming.)

You will need:

~ A sheet of red paper
~A pen
~An ashtray or cauldron that can withstand a little fire
~ A fire source (the sacred Bic comes to mind, matches will do)

Multiple manifestations make for a wider signal to the 'source...

When the moon is new, that is when she is in hiding, that is when you do the dreaming of what you want to bring into your life. If you have a moon calendar and can tell when the moon goes Void of Course is the optimal time, but in a pinch, whenever will do. 

Next, write out your list of ‘demands’ on the red paper and don't forget to look at your calendar. What is the time frame for bringing your wish to fruition? Add this to the list. 

Be clear, be as detailed as you can think of, and finally, write these most important words after your wish.

The equivalent or better.’

You are almost done. Just a few more moments and your desires will be winging their way along the multiverses, beelining it to the 'dreams department' of the fae. This is when we take it to the next level by lifting your words off the paper and giving them voice. Take a moment to tell the universe what it is you are desiring by reading out what you have written out loud. A witness or two doesn’t hurt, nor does tandem ritualing to bring several things at once with others. Think of it as creating a vortex of abundance. 

The equivalent or better...

Do NOT forget to say ‘the equivalent or better’ at the end.

Set fire to your paper  immediately and as the paper disintegrates to ashes, let it go, let it Goddess…

Finally, consult your calendar and set your sights on a date that is past the estimated time of your manifestation… the very instant that your focus shifts, the wheels of universal energy will begin grinding joyously, to bring you closer to your goal. 

Lastly, surrender your expectations and be secure that whatever it is you are drawing to you is already yours, and you are simply awaiting for the time/space continuum to connect you on the physical plane. 

Now all that’s left is to get on with the business of thriving in your life and pay attention to synchronicity and coincidences relating to your manifesting as these are signs that your desired wish is on its way…

Bring it on!

Merry Magicking!

Remember: Power-with is supported by the universe, Power-over is not and guarantees a crash course in consequences. 

Now go with the flow!

Bright blessings… from the ~’Sourceress Christina – your Crones Magical Crafts wicked witch o the wet west… with her intermittent 'Bits o' Wisdom'

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