Monday, October 25, 2010

HonoringThe Three Fold Goddess & The Law of three

The number three is everywhere in witchcraft. It is one of our most powerful and sacred numbers.
Not surprising if you think about it, as through out time the number 3 is always mentioned, in any belief of religion.Ex: Good things come in three, Deaths come in three, Father , Son and the Holy Spirit, even interior designers create design scape's using the number three, grouping of vases and candles, ect.
In Wicca and Witchcraft, the number 3 is sacred, we learn at the very beginning in our first degree the law of three from the Wiccan Rede.* Ever Mind The Law Of Three, What you put out comes back to thee *
The number three though, for me, represents the 3 aspects of the goddess, The Maiden, The Mother, The Crone.
The 3 phases of a women s life, as she goes from learning to wisdom and knowledge of the mysteries. I see the Goddess  all around me, in symbols, her beauty on the earth, her magic in the stars and her mystery in the Moon.
Her love and gracious bounty all around me. I am in true essence , A Daughter Of Gaea !

So needless to say this evening, still feeling the effects of The Goddess s magical full moon last night, I was inspired to create pieces that honor her.
The first creation i made was a Rosary, some may think Rosary's are too christian, but i say hey, they stole enough from us in old pagan ways why not  return the favor, ! LOL
I love rosary's ! They are elegant, Fashionable, Classic, and definitely mystical and Magical !
Of Course, I make them the Pagan way, ahaha. :)

Honoring the Goddess i created a lovely and classy rosary necklace , using the Celtic triquetra as my inspiration, The 3 fold knot, representing the 3 fold goddess, and the 13 beads in sets of three s, representing the goddess in her 3 forms and the 13 Moons of Her year. The Celtic trinity or triquetra Knot is as old and mystical as they come !The stones i used where Garnets and Black onyx, it gives it that touch of magic and mystical appearance.I really enjoyed making this Rosary and am curious, who is going to own it :)
If you can share any ideas you may have on Rosary's, please share them, ! Id love to use your ideas,and put them into life !
Here is my Finished result,You can click it to see my Etsy Listing.
Blessed Be !
May the Goddess Keep you warm and safe !

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  1. Your Page and blogs are wonderful hun...Keep up the good work...beautiful job