Sunday, October 24, 2010

Amulets Vrs Talismans, What are they ?

There is much speculation on the difference between an amulet and a talisman.It is proven through out history that amulets and talismans where an important part of most cultures, from the ancient Egyptians , Old world Witchcraft, Folk Magic,The Catholic church. Most cultures and civilizations believed that symbols, stones and trinkets could bring good fortune, and protection.

The difference between the 2 is not quite agreed upon,however in my magical practice and the teachings i follow, the difference is thus :
An Amulet is something that is worn on the body, most times in the form of a jewelry item, incorporated into a necklace or some piece of attractive jewelry.

A Talisman is something that is fashioned with a specific intent and carried, ( usually in a pouch ) , hung on doors, walls, cars.on the bed post, wherever the desired magic is to be drawn.

It is my belief that are most effective when hand crafted as opposed to the highly available mass marketed copy's , although some carry attractive designs, they are not individually made with specific intent. I d/ont know about you, but i am so bored with seeing the same ole, same ole, wiccan & Pagan items everywhere.Seems like every store on the Internet and eBay has all the same. How Drab !!

A hand crafted amulet or talisman as opposed to a mass production carries a powerful punch of energy !
For me , when making my amulets and Talismans, the magical intention of the piece starts with the idea, which immediately transmits the energy into the piece i am working on. I then incorporate appropriate materials that correspond to the magical intent into my design, along with symbols of the same.
My favorite materials to work with  are crystals, The colorful and magical wonders are so energetic and fascinating

This full Moon ,I spent my evening making a batch of amulets, i lit my candles and yummy incense *(Pagan Spell *) OMG, smells sooo good !Created my sacred space with lovely chants playing and let the energies of the magical hunters moon carry me into creative bliss.
I am quite happy with outcome, i created some lovely and stylish amulets. I then smudged them and hung them on the tree outside under the moon for cleansing.
Ready for you to wear and experience the magic!
You can see them all in my Etsy shop.
Tell me which is your favorite !!!

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  1. just stunning, I have watched as these pieces take form, a beautiful calm and creative energy flows. How lovely and magikal to have a peice of pretty jewelry that contains all the components of beauty,-magic and positve intention. way to go Dee, you are truely Goddess Blessed